What Is The Difference Between An Executive Housekeeper And A Housekeeper?

An executive housekeeper is responsible for overseeing housekeeping operations as well as training and supervising cleaning staff. He may work in a commercial context, such as a resort or hotel, or in a domestic situation, when his responsibilities are limited to the household of a private residence. Both circumstances require him to maintain a spotless and organized physical space for which he is accountable.

A competent executive housekeeper has exceptional organizational abilities in addition to a wealth of information about the correct cleaning, maintenance, and presentation of a property. He may be expected to conduct cleaning and maintenance work directly, but more often than not, assign these responsibilities to his employees. This housekeeper often establishes a timetable and high standards of perfection that his team is required to stick to religiously. He is often required, together with his employees, to have extensive understanding of cleaning and preserving valuable furniture and art, as well as everyday furnishings and accessories.
When an individual is appointed for this position, he or she often executes a set of rules and procedures based on his or her superior’s requirements and personal standards of cleanliness and order. His daily routine often includes meticulous inspections of the property. Generally, it is assumed that noted transgressions would be eliminated and not repeated.

Because his staff’s performance often has a direct impact on his reputation and job security, he is normally expected to recruit only the finest housekeepers. This often entails thorough candidate screening and accurate evaluation of work competencies. He normally conducts frequent assessments of his staff’s work in order to maintain quality control.

In addition to housework, an executive housekeeper working in a private property is typically asked to undertake or manage a variety of other activities. These auxiliary duties often include pet care, food shopping, dinner planning and preparation, as well as laundry and errands. Certain individuals are entrusted with complete supervision of the family management budget.
Individuals in this position who work in the hospitality business are often expected to arrange their workers for everyday tasks and major events. Management may request that they provide frequent assessments of the staff’s performance in terms of room maintenance. Additionally, they may be tasked with advising on linen and minor room fixtures replacement, such as lamps or decorative things.

The first thing you should understand when determining whether or not to employ a housekeeper is that a housekeeper is not synonymous with house cleaning.

A home cleaner is someone you would employ for a bigger project, like as preparing your home for sale or preparing for vacation.

On the other hand, to hire a housekeeper is more likely to be present in your home on a regular basis. They will visit on a specified schedule, which may be weekly or a couple of times a month, depending on your requirements. A housekeeper will have a list of responsibilities that they will attend to while on the job. If you’re looking to hire domestic staffing such as to hire a housekeeper, hire an executive housekeeper or hire a butler, contact JK Collection today.