Connect with us to hire household staff and more!

1. Introductory Call

Our Process starts with an introductory call where we take the time to learn more about what you're looking for in the ideal private service professional as well as offer a brief overview of who we are and our step by step process

2. Terms Proposed

We will send you a proposal outlining our terms discussed in the introductory call. Once proposal is reviewed by you, signed and returned we start the recruiting process.

3. Candidates Submitted and Interviewed

Leveraging our vast network of private service professionals and industry resources we will select and submit candidates for your review. You choose which candidates you would like to interview and trial.

4. Trial

Payment terms, and date/s of the trial are agreed upon and the trial is held with no commitment.

4. Hired!

After trialing you’re ready to make a decision. We will help schedule a start date for the hired candidate. Payment and any applicable terms follow according to the hired candidates start date.


Before the interview we will have already asked the most important questions to find the perfect fit for you. During the interview you want to speak to what’s most important to you. We recommend asking open ended questions.

For example rather than “Could you be flexible with your schedule?” you may want to frame the question, “Talk to me about your approach to finding work/life balance. And what constraints do you have with your schedule.”

A trial will typically last from one day to a week depending on the amount of time you feel would be necessary to make an assessment. Day rates are usually calculated based on the anticipated annual salary.

During the trial you want to look for three key things:

  • How well do they fit in with you and your family?
  • How good are they at communicating questions and completing tasks independently?
  • How they relate to the rest of the staff?