Nanny - childcare

Most full-time Nannies care for children while the parents are working or managing other household tasks other than childcare. The person holding this position is responsible for taking care of children full time and usually for one family. Part-time nannies usually handle after school and weekend care.

What Are the Main Qualifications of a Nanny?

The best Nannys are highly organized people with an eye for the smallest detail. Most Nannies have at least three years of childcare experience (as a teacher, nanny, babysitter, etc.), verifiable references, a high school degree (preferably a bachelor’s and master’s degree). 

What Are Their Core Responsibilities?

  • Cultivating a safe and positive environment for the children.
  • Coordinating activities and play-dates.
  • Educational and artistic activities.
  • Driving the children to school and other activities.
  • Helping with classwork and homework.

Hire a Nanny Today!

Whether you want to have a date night with your significant other, you travel for work, you need help potty training or you just want your home to be under control when you walk in the door, you can be assured that hiring a Nanny is the right decision for you. You will have peace of mind for this critical role.