Estate Manager

The Estate Manager is responsible for the everyday management of your household that can take care of all day-to-day operations within and around your residence. 

What Are Their Core Responsibilities?

  • Hiring, as well as training private household staff members.
  • Managing household finances.
  • Planning events and travel.
  • Supervising outside contractors.
  • Making sure that all operations are carried out seamlessly.

What Are the Main Qualifications of an Estate Manager?

The best Estate Managers are seasoned workers who often have a background in property management or real estate management. Being a highly organized person with an eye for the smallest details is crucial. Moreover, the ability to manage multiple serious tasks at the same time is another brilliant skill.

Many of the most accomplished Estate Managers have at least several years of experience in management or hospitality positions.

Why Hire an Estate Manager?

The best Estate Managers possesses exceptional interpersonal, organization, and problem-solving skills, the best Chief of Staff can give you a higher quality of life. This person is, after all, the eyes and ears of your residence.