Hire a Professional Butler For Your Property Management

Modern mainstream media has created a stereotypical vision of a middle-aged old-fashioned Butler, always wearing a design black tailcoat while carrying around a shiny silver platter. In reality, this profession is progressing and adjusting to the changing times. Hence, hiring a Butler is not ancient history.

Who Is a Butler?

A modern Butler, just like the traditional position, plays a central part in your private household staff. After all, this person is responsible for taking care of the most crucial duties around your estate.


What Are Their Responsibilities?

  • Managing the household and the staff.
  • Keeping an eye out for maintenance.
  • Hosting guests, greetings people at the door, answering calls.
  • Overseeing table settings, and serving food and drinks.
  • Overseeing and maintaining the wine cellar.

What Are the Main Qualifications of a Butler?

Exceptional leadership skills and excellent communication skills play a major part in a Butler’s day-to-day job. Modern Butlers need to show the highest commitment to everything they do. Although higher education is desirable, the main focus should be on the perfect candidate’s abilities and skills.

Why Hire a Butler?

The addition of a Butler to your private household staff will play a vital part in the management of your whole property. Their widespread responsibilities and duties make for a very valuable member of your team. We at JK Collection ensure you will find the most trustworthy workers.