All the information about your hiring process

1. Introductory Call

After reviewing your resume we start by getting to know you, the breadth and depth of your experience, your talents and you as an individual. As well as review the role that you applied for or are best suited for.

2. Submission and Interview

Once the client asks to schedule an interview with you, we will schedule the interview and convey the clients' requirements so that you’re prepared to have your best interview.

3. Trial

Payment terms, and date/s of the trial are agreed upon and the trial is held with no commitment.

4. Hired!

After trialing if the client decides to make an offer we will finalize terms, help schedule a start date for you.


No. We never charge the candidate a fee during the entire process.

The key is listening. Ask questions. While many candidates concern themselves with having good answers, good questions show attentiveness and reveal your dedication.

What’s the first thing you’d like to see me or the team get accomplished each day?”

What is the best way to communicate tasks and questions?”

Questions, as much as answers can demonstrate your level of professionalism and attention to detail. It’s important to ask questions whether your speaking with the principal, a family assistant or an estate manager.

We want to make sure that you’re able to make your best impression and give our client a true sense of your abilities so we will thoroughly convey the client’s requirements. We may also provide you with client feedback about your resume and the interview.

At the start of your trial you want to be clear about what the client would like to accomplish and any preferences that they may have; what are their favorite muffins, any allergies to ingredients or cleaning products, how does the client like their beds made, would they like to show any photographs that can be used as a reference, etc.

Yes. Trials are always paid trials. Payment terms are decided before the trial begins.