Executive Personal Assistant

Personal Assistants  are key to bringing organization and efficiency to busy family lifestyles, shouldering part of the workload or sewing up the small details so that you’re free to focus on the bigger picture.

What Are Their Core Responsibilities?

  • Scheduling, meeting logistics, calendar planning.
  • Maintaining good communication with staff, contractors and associates.
  • Organizing events and travel.
  • Managing finances.

What Are the Main Qualifications of an Executive Personal Assistant?

Your new Personal Assistant should be able to perform their task in a high-stress and high-stakes environment. Moreover, problem-solving and seamless managing skills are also beneficial. This member of your Private Household Staff needs to be discrete and confidential regarding your work and personal life.

Why Hire an Executive Personal Assistant?

Hiring an Executive Personal Assistant is always a good idea; this professional will be able to support you in all the key activities of your personal life. In the meantime, you can have more time to focus on different aspects of your work and personal life.