Ultimate Turndown Service

It is difficult to pinpoint the origin of the nightly turndown ritual, but the practice of putting chocolate on the pillow began when actor Cary Grant used chocolate to woo a woman while staying at Roberts Mayfair in St. Louis. 

Here are some tips for the ultimate turndown service.

Properly turned-down bed:
Turndown service requires removing the bulky comforter or duvet and unzipping the corners of the sheets so you can slip them under the sheets when you’re ready to go to bed.

Closed curtains and/or blackout blinds:
Because neither sober nor tipsy would dare to close the curtains by themselves. It’s always a great gesture.

Soft music:
What if your turndown service had its own soundtrack? Better yet, ask your UHNW principal for suggestions on turndown music. Lavender mist (or other relaxing pillow spray):
Yes, this may sound frivolous, but I’m totally obsessed (for stress) when it comes to sleep aids like lavender pillow sprites.

Bedside slippers:
Nothing says “I love pampering you” like putting linens by your bed and wearing slippers.

· Chocolate:
Mint is good, but chocolate is better. Props if you can offer a choice of milk or dark chocolate. Flowers and lavender are also nice touches. Sleepy tea or water.

Night amenity box:
Our ultimate turndown service includes a medium sized box on your bedside table providing tissues, lip balm, eye mask and earplugs.