Things Your Housekeeper Wants You to Know, But Won't Tell You

Having a housekeeper to clean and maintain your home on a full-time basis will relieve you from chores you don’t really have any time or desire to do. Some people consider this a luxury or a dream come true, and they’re right to a certain extent, as not everybody is able to afford a housekeeper.

Here are some things that a typical housekeeper won’t normally say to the people he/she works for, but would really like them to think about:

Your housekeeper can’t read your mind

It’s understandable that different principals have different cleaning approaches and may have certain expectations for their housekeepers. But, please, speak out and let them know if you want something done a specific way. Like turning down the bed or organizing your closet. Don’t be disappointed with your housekeeper and not tell them why.

Not a cleaning fairy

You have hired a professional housekeeper who has to know the job and perform at a very high level. But they don’t have a magic wand to tidy your entire 3-story house in less than two hours. Do you want them to do the windows, scrub your bathrooms, dust all surfaces, wash the dishes, deal with your mess and vacuum your carpet before your guests arrive? Give them some notice, as they don’t have a magic broom!

Unless you ask, they won’t bring their own cleaning products

When it comes to a full-time housekeeper, they’re not going to bring their own products, brooms, mops and vacuums to your house. They’ll use the cleaning supplies you have at home. If you send your housekeeper out for supplies, they should be compensated.

Don’t give them ‘the look’

They may not work as an attorney at a big law firm, a stock broker or a popular interior designer. But, they work just as hard as you do to earn money. And they are pretty great at what they do. So, don’t feel like you’re an aristocrat who can look down on them. Let’s be kind, respectful to one another and appreciate each other’s work.