The Utility Room - Form Follows Function

These utility room ideas not only look fantastic, but also give some real inspiration for layout and arrangement for the most practical room in the home

What type of utility room ideas are you seeking for? There are those ideas which enable a utility room make use of its tiny footprint to its maximum potential, while there are others aimed to make your utility room one of the most fashionable areas in your home.

Choose The Right Lighting

Utility rooms are generally gloomy as well as tiny. Choose a compact, glass or transparent ceiling pendant to project as much light over the room as possible, and utilize spotlights in places where you require task lighting.

Everything In Its Place

A tiny area can seem even more cramped if there’s too much clutter, so establish a place for everything you need. Draw a scaled layout of the area first and exploit every spare nook and corner; even the top of a wall may be utilized for bookshelves or a hanging rail. To access the top of tall containers, invest in a foldaway step that can be stowed in the tiniest gap.

Save Space with a Suspending Drying Rack

Search for any utility room ideas on Pinterest, and we promise you’ll discover a hanging drying rack, but are they functional? If ceiling height permits, these devices may be winched out of the way both while in use and when not in use, yet maintaining the rack close at reach whenever it’s required.

As heat increases in your house, you may also notice your laundry dries faster at its raised elevation and you may set your rack in front of a window for even rapid drying periods.

Place Your Laundry Room Sink Below a Window

You may spend a considerable amount of time at a utility room sink, therefore it’s advisable to position a window above it for better views and plenty natural light. In this compact, custom-designed utility room, a double Belfast sink is an excellent choice, since it is big enough for pre-treating stubborn stains, washing muddy wellies, and keeping filth out of the rest of the home.

Consider the Ceiling

Hang clothing on a retractable washing line or a Classic Clothes Airer, which is raised and lowered by a pulley system, to dry in the warm air that floats in the dead area directly below the ceiling.

Organize Appliances in a Tiny Utility Room

Stacking a washing machine and tumble dryer is a terrific way to use tall devices and free up space for storage at lower levels in a utility room. Whether you have built-in cabinetry that enables you to stack your washer and dryer, or you utilize a stacking kit, the washing machine should always be on the bottom since it is heavier and has a concrete block that prevents movement during the spin cycle.

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