Should Nannies be paid for dog sitting?

Allowing a puppy to join your home may be a great experience. Your children will experience several advantages from having a dog in the house, including increased self-esteem and compassion.

Before you walk over to your neighborhood animal shelter and adopt a puppy (or an older dog for that matter), there are a few things to consider if you also engage a nanny to work in your house and care for your children.

While we are focusing on the problems associated with having a puppy in the house, untrained older canines may also provide obstacles for the nanny caring for your children.

Employing a babysitter when already owning a dog

If you are recruiting and have a dog in the house, you should communicate this to prospective nanny applicants. Additionally, you may choose to advertise for a pet-friendly nanny. “Must adore dogs” is not only for romantically inclined singles. It may also be used to another sort of matching – nannies and families.

This allows you to avoid nannies who have an aversion to dogs or are allergic to them. Believe it or not, some folks are dog-phobic! They may think your employment is fantastic, but a dog in the house might put them off. It is preferable to discover this early in the employment process so that you may move on to other candidates.

When a nanny candidate comes to your house to meet your children, observe their interactions with your pet. A friendly yet huge dog might seem scary at times. How well does your nanny get along with your dog? Do they seem to be at ease? Include information about your dog’s breed, behavior, and history.

Once you’ve hired a nanny who is OK with having a dog in the house, add information about your pet in your nanny contract or employment agreement. Provide information about any dog-related responsibilities, such as walking the dog, bringing it to vet appointments, or taking it to the dog park. Include any extra remuneration for dog-related tasks. Reread the nanny contract and ensure that your nanny understands it.

Hiring a babysitter and intending to get a dog

While you may not have a dog when you employ a nanny, many in-home caregivers work with families for five years or more. Often, nannies care for children from the time they are infants until the time they enter full-time school. Even then, some nannies stay with their families to care for their children after school. In other words, if you find the ideal nanny for your family, you may anticipate a long-term connection.

Sometimes it’s difficult to predict the future, but if you have any inclination that you could add a puppy to your family in the next few years, speak with possible recruits about their attitudes regarding dogs. Are they allergic to anything? Did they grow up surrounded by pets?

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