Seasonal cuisine in the Hamptons during the summer

The summer eating scene on the east coast may have started slowly, but as more outdoor dining establishments opened, it became more dynamic. Mediterranean and sushi restaurants, in particular, have soared in popularity.

With some visitors expecting to stay in the Hamptons for Labor Day this year, the next months are shaping up to be one of the busiest autumn seasons in the area’s history. Numerous restaurants are extending their hours to accommodate the increased clientele and installing heat lights to maintain the vibrancy of their outside eating spaces into the fall. When the cooler evenings arrive, it may become an especially appealing venue for metropolitan eaters.

Garden Seating

Chef Ambrose planted a kitchen garden outside his restaurant on a third of an acre and enhances his meals with food from adjacent farmers. While dinner appointments may be made in advance, brunch is your best chance. It’s never been more pleasurable to wait for a table: Read the newspaper on an Adirondack chair in the garden’s grassy area.

Further east, at Joni’s, you’ll find a hearty breakfast with lots of vegan alternatives (South Edison Street between South Etna Avenue and South Elmwood Avenue, Montauk, N.Y.). Breakfast sandwiches are customized, the smoothie selection is extensive, and the handmade granola is delectable enough to take home a tub.

Topping Rose House

Geoffrey Iron Chef, Chopped judge, and presenter of The Kitchen enjoys a lunch and an overnight stay at Tom Colicchio’s East End debut. The facility is comprised of a luxury hotel and restaurant complex that includes a spa and a swimming pool.

Estia’s Little Kitchen

Chef Colin Ambrose started this neighborhood favorite for residents and summer guests alike in 1998 and has been drawing people ever since. The cuisine is inspired by Mexican tastes, including breakfast and brunch plates such as the George’s Ranch (tortillas with eggs, avocado, black beans, cheese, and salsa) and Fish Creek Huevos Rancheros (eggs, avocado, black beans, cheese, and salsa) (refritos, tomatillo salsa and queso fresco). Even better, the substantial amounts are reasonably priced.

Farm-to-Table Ingredients

Dinner here is ideal for commemorating a special event, since it features seasonal and fresh ingredients, many of which come from Topping Rose Farm. Begin with English Pea Ravioli or Fried Montauk Oysters and work your way up to Braised Short Rib with Baby Carrots and New Potatoes or Roasted Monkfish with Heirloom Beans. Before you leave, the eatery will provide you with a taste of their homemade granola.

Seafood with a View

Eric and Adam Miller, father and son, have created a menu centered on local cuisine. The menu includes Montauk tuna and calamari, as well as local striped bass and fluke. Additionally, there is an excellent cocktail list, which includes cocktails like the muddled mint and blackberry julep, one of many Southern classics on the menu.

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