Popular Vegan Dishes

It seems like every day a new vegan product or animal-friendly fast-food development is introduced. This year will undoubtedly bring more, which is why we’re making predictions for 2022. Here are a few vegan cuisine trends that are expected to gain popularity in 2022:

Here are a few vegan cuisine trends that are expected to gain popularity in 2022:

Plant-based poultry

As the competition to substitute chicken continues, customers have a variety of plant-based options. In 2019, KFC debuted Beyond Fried Chicken in conjunction with vegan firm Beyond Meat at a single store in Atlanta, Georgia, where it sold out in less than five hours. Since then, KFC has extended the rollout to all of its outlets throughout the country. Another prominent business renowned for its chicken, Panda Express, introduced its first vegan menu item created with Beyond Meat and sold more than 1,300 pounds of it on the first day. Impossible Foods nuggets and Beyond Meat tenders are hitting the restaurant sector and grocery shelves rapidly. And you’ll see them almost everywhere in 2022, much like the respective burger brands. In addition, vegan chicken wings with skin will be introduced to the market.

Vegan Chocolate

Everyone has heard the argument that individuals cannot go vegan because they are too fond of chocolate. Furthermore, the bulk of vegan chocolate just does not satisfy. In 2022, however, we will see the emergence of plant-based enjoyment. Major chocolate manufacturers are recognizing this gap in the market and responding accordingly. This includes new vegan options from Cadbury, Nestle, Lindt, and even Hershey’s from across the pond.

Vegan bacon

Is this the year of vegan bacon, supplanting the burger? Even former Dunkin’ CEO David Hoffman and Gordon Ramsay concur. Hoffman invested in San Francisco-based Hooray Foods, makers of hyper realistic vegan bacon (they’ve sold over 1.3 million bacon strips in the US since its retail debut in 2020). Ramsay recently released a viral vegan bacon recipe on TikTok to much fanfare, while Hoffman invested in San Francisco-based Hooray Foods. With more companies than ever before producing vegan bacon, especially realistic-looking versions, we anticipate that demand will continue to rise.


NestlĂ© is developing a vegan version of shrimp called “Vrimp.” Vegans have already conquered the dairy, meat, and egg industries with ground-breaking alternatives, but seafood remains unconquered. Banana blossom fish took off during the last year, with vegan-friendly restaurants embracing the fishy alternative. However, while veganism seems to have mastered the iconic beer-battered fish and chips combination, we are still severely lacking in other seafood options.