How to keep a well dressed closet

Purchasing durable clothing is one thing, but there is much more you can do to ensure their longevity. We surveyed designers and the dry cleaners they trust for clothing maintenance advice. And our most important point is that first and foremost, whatever we wear should be loved — adorned with a sense of joie de vivre rather than apprehension of being damaged. Here is some professional advice for wearing, storing, and even washing your garments properly to extend their lifespan.

Take away seasonal things

Remove out-of-season stuff from your wardrobe to make room for essential items. If you did not wear an item at all in the previous year, discard it. Then, place the remaining items in a different closet where they will not be in the way or cause your closet to get cluttered.

Manually handle each item

If you want to make considerable headway in decluttering your closet, remove all items from it. Only return the items you actually like. If the undertaking appears daunting, perform it in pieces (i.e., shoes today, shirts tomorrow). Regardless of how you want to do this assignment, you must at some time physically touch each object. Physical contact compels choices.

Get rid of your ill-fitting clothing once and for all.

If you’re between sizes, you should store clothes from both sizes. However, if you haven’t cleaned out your closet in a while, there are certainly a lot of ill-fitting things that may be discarded, whether you’ve changed sizes, the item has shrunk or stretched, or it never fit well. These ill-fitting garments are physically, psychologically, and emotionally dragging you down. Give them to someone who can make use of them.

If all else fails, choose a random number.

Start by choosing ten articles of clothing from your closet based on your discretion. Place them in a bag and deliver them to the closest donation facility. You will likely discover that the work was not very tough. In fact, once you begin, you may discover 15 or 20 items to eliminate without breaking a sweat.

Experiment with less

Using a few basic tests, test your hypotheses on the ideal quantity of clothes. Try relocating half of your wardrobe for two weeks. You will be astonished at how much simpler it is to function and get dressed with less clothing. The majority of us wear twenty percent of our apparel eighty percent of the time and would be happier if we had fewer wardrobe options. However, you will never discover this unless you try it.

Revaluate existing trend purchases

The fashion sector is prosperous due to one factor: continually shifting fashion trends. The fashion business cannot exist if consumers just purchase the clothing they need. Therefore, the market creates a fake need by forcefully proclaiming new fashion trends and colors for each season. However, you do not have to fall for their tricks. Find your favorite classic style and begin to play by your own rules.

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