Yes, it is indeed that time of year again. Did you know that Halloween was once the start of a new year and an astronomical holiday? This was a sacred festival celebrated by the ancient Celts and Druids in the British Isles. While you are bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins and telling ghost stories around the fire this season, here at JK Collection we want to scare you into making that next big career move! How does one go about climbing the ladder without slipping on the rungs of promotion?

What is the Issue? Maybe you’re looking at the “problems” instead of suggesting a solution. Bring forth a solution and watch how quickly you get noticed.

Positive Surroundings: Stop engaging with negative people. The only way to a more lucrative and fulfilling career path is the constant belief that you will make it. 

Passion: Be enthusiastic about what you do. Passion drives you to be the best, leading to a satisfaction and most importantly, more money.

On the Move: Always be ready to leave for the next best thing. You’ll lose that desperate appearance while gaining the confidence necessary for appropriate career moves.

Make it Happen: Sometimes getting ahead means getting in over your head. Don’t worry about whether you can or can’t do it – just make it work and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.