What Color Are You?

In the world of private service, there are few things nearly as important as color. In fact, the colors you choose often say more about you than you might expect- or would like others to know for that matter. Why choose purple wall paper for the den? Why the crimson sofa for the living room? Why select a chocolate brown coffee table as opposed to a white Saarinen end table? As fall begins it’s march to winter, so too should your thoughts turn to color and its importance in your daily routine. It also might explain the effects of that sky blue vase in your day-to-day activities.

RED: Despite the obvious romance, red grabs the attention of the room and commands attention. Why do you think the most pulled over cars are red?

ORANGE: This energetic color jumpstarts rooms and your personality. And you thought you only drank orange juice for your health.

YELLOW: Few exude the spark and energy of yellow. Even fewer enhance the creative mind. Rumor has it that Henry Wadsworth used to write while sitting in fields of (you guessed it) yellow daffodils.

GREEN: Whether you’re envious of this color or not, you can’t deny its warm, nourishing qualities. It’s calming, natural and quite possibly the most overused color in design- we didn’t tell you that, of course.

BLUE: The cool, calming effects of this conservative color are probably why so many designers use it in the bedroom. Just don’t get too conservative- too much blue can often dampen spirits.

PURPLE: This color can often become a royal mess if overused. However, if used just right, you’ll find yourself surrounded by luxury, wealth and sophistication- or at least be thinking about it.

BROWN: There’s an indescribable security to this reliable color. The earthy ties or stable warmth make this a solid choice for the kitchen living area.

BLACK/ WHITE: We put these two together because they are both neutral, and they have that whole modern repelling-to-attract thing down. There is an unexplainable purity and power in these tones. The juxtaposition of positive and negative might seem bland to some, but the highlights of their color coordination are limitless.