The Modern Butler

The word “Butler” conjures the image of a respectable middle-aged man in a tailcoat and white gloves holding a silver platter.┬áThis image might lead us to believe that the butler is irrelevant in modern society.

On the contrary, there is more demand for male and female butlers in today’s society than ever before. And there’s a new type of butler, the “Modern Butler.” They’re young, hip, college educated and normally dress more casual than you might think.

The position has evolved over time, adapting with a changing society. Many families worldwide are yielding the benefits of having a younger butler who can organize and arrange the smooth running of their households.

One noticeable change from traditional butlers is the clothing modern butlers wear. Unless it is a formal event that requires traditional dress, most modern butlers are allowed to dress less formally. Business casual dress is appropriate for many households. In more informal settings, modern butlers may be allowed to dress down and wear jeans and a polo shirt or other less formal styles of clothing.

Another difference between traditional and modern butlers is they do not always live-in at the households they service. Traditionally, butlers were expected to be live-in and available 24/7. However, that is no longer the case for every household. Some households will allow their butlers to live off-site in their own homes and have set working hours each day.

Regardless of how the role of the butler has changed over time, the position is dedicated to discreet and competent service.