The First Thing Visitors Notice When They Enter Your Home

The Aroma

It goes without saying that the first thing visitors will notice is the signature scent of your residence.

Your residence’s signature scent will greet visitors as soon as they arrive; whether it smells like coconut, peppermint, lemon or lavender is entirely up to you.

The scent of your home should represent your principal’s personality.

The problems with using scented candles and perfumes is that they have a tendency to smell of chemicals and some people have distinct allergies to these scents.

The days of boiling citrus peels on the stove is yesterdays news, new technology has transformed the way we deliver scents into your primary’s home.

Many of our clients use essential oils in diffusers. We recommend an Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser by the company ‘Three Drops of Life’. It can be used in conjunction with your HVAC system. Because these diffusers use real essential oils, your guests will be unlikely to have any adverse reactions.

One of our favorites is Neroli oil which originated in Egypt.

Neroli oil has been favored by Italian aristocracy since the seventeenth century. The Duchess of Bracciano was well known for using Neroli essential oil, which she added a few drops to her bath and used to scent her gloves. She was referred to as “Princess Nerola” because of how much she loved the oil.

The Color

You’ve probably heard that particular wall colors work better in particular rooms. For example, a neutral color in a living room and soothing colors in the bedroom. But the color that guests first notice when they enter can give them a general impression of your house.

In general, a more minimal color scheme creates the impression of a light, spacious area, while a playful interpretation of dark or bright colors reflects a more maximalist design aesthetic.

Various shades can help you make the impression you want to make. For instance, the color red inspires confidence and vigor. In contrast to yellow, which exudes joy and optimism, green feels serene and well-balanced.

The Lighting

Light can influence our mood just as much as color can. If natural light is an option for you, make sure that curtains and shades are up during daytime visits to make the space feel warm and inviting.

If using natural light isn’t an option, we advise using dimmers and warm-toned light bulbs to create an atmosphere that’s upbeat and positive and makes a good first impression.

Personal Touches

The value of using photo art and decor to enliven a room and draw attention to your home’s finer points cannot be overstated.

Photos, artwork, and extras like curated bookcases and throw pillows. These small details will enhance your room and catch your guests’ attention as well as showcase your design aesthetic.

Once your visitors are made to feel at home and welcome, they will settle in for an enjoyable visit.