Like it or not, there are certain rules to the game when it comes to landing the perfect employee. Yes, your needs are important, but what about that person who you are trusting with your family? They may be the perfect fit for you, but are you the perfect fit for them? Here is what today’s hottest talent is looking for when they come knocking on your door.

Value Good Synergy:

Emphasize the importance of an employee who understands your family’s dynamics.

Value Employees:

Go the extra mile with your benefits package.

Stay Advanced:

Don’t let your dream chef slip away because you don’t want to invest in the culinary tools that they need to perform their job.

Upward Mobility:

Emphasize the importance of growth for your employee’s professional development and be supportive.

Realism: Keep the workload realistic and achievable.

Staff Accommodations:

Make sure that live-in staff members have comfortable accommodations.

Stimulate and Sustain:

Encouraging input not only inspires creativity, but keeps your employees engaged for the long haul.