Marie Kondo's organization and cleaning techniques

In recent years, Marie Kondo’s best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and current Netflix program Tidying Up With Marie Kondo have encouraged many of us to become more organized. According to the KonMari technique, if you follow the steps and clean your area, you will never have to do it again if you follow the advice in the book. Even if you’re not up for that endeavor, the Marie Kondo method may help you organize your house. Here, we offer the Marie Kondo organizing ideas by which we live our lives.

Work by categories — not by rooms

Contrary to what most people might assume, Kondo recommends working through your house by category rather than room by room.

While it may seem more logical to organize by area and come up with different kitchen storage options, for example, Kondo argues that it is difficult to accomplish much this way.

Learn to fold vertically

This collection of Marie Kondo recommendations would not be complete without the classic vertical fold.

According to Kondo, when you organize your clothes, towels, and other textiles vertically, you save room and it’s much simpler to locate what you need. It is not the fastest way, but it has been tried and proven in the KonMari universe.

Organize and declutter solo

Kondo thinks that you should do your own decluttering, which is likely not something you’ve previously considered.

This is due to the fact that loved ones, particularly family members, may be concerned about the amount of trash being discarded or attempt to shame you into retaining items that you no longer need.

A really basic yet powerful piece of advice. One and only exception Photos. Gather as many family members as possible while organizing photographs, and you will not only declutter and arrange your belongings, but also have a good time doing it.

Let go of the past

A key habit to break while decluttering is feeling guilty. You should not feel guilty about organizing your home and letting go of your possessions. Ultimately, “to truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must first get rid of those that have outlived their usefulness,” according to Kondo. The living space should be for the person we are becoming today, not the person we were in the past.

Imagine how much nicer it would be to live in a house filled exclusively with items that “spark joy” as opposed to items that no longer represent who you are.

Take use of storage solutions

We all adore storage solutions, but you shouldn’t get too enthusiastic about them until you’ve decluttered sufficiently.

The expert has worked with the Container store to create a brand-new line of goods to help you arrange your house using various storage techniques. The Container Store x KonMari line includes over a hundred items for organizing kitchens, workplaces, closets, and bedrooms.

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