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Our team of search experts at JK Mannies & Tutors places highly qualified mannies, nannies and tutors with families throughout the United States. JK Mannies & Tutors is led by Jack Kelly, who began his career as a theatrical talent agent and quickly became partner of Kronick and Kelly, a leading children’s theatrical agency that placed children in feature films, television shows and on Broadway. Jack also found exceptional tutors for those young actors who often had to miss school, including tutors who traveled with children on national tours. Jack has spent his entire career finding top talent for discerning clients, including over twenty years of search experience in the design and hospitality industries. Jack and his team at JK Mannies & Tutors look for highly educated candidates who are responsible, reliable, proactive, compassionate and know how to make the children in their care laugh and have fun.

Our Approach

When selecting candidates for a family, we at JK Mannies & Tutors understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all description of the ideal manny, nanny, tutor, or family assistant. This is because each family is unique. We take the time to fully understand each family’s needs. For some families, the title is not so important because the needs could be so varied week to week. Some families require a tutor to focus on helping the children with their academics. Other families want an individual to take care of many of the aspects of child care, tutoring, and/or transporting the children to their after school activities.  The individual can also be more of an inspirational coach and role model for the children as they navigate through their busy lives with sports, music, dance and other extra-curricular activities.

That being said, there are several qualities we look for in all candidates. We find that the best  candidates are well-educated individuals who are passionate about a child’s personal and educational growth, reliable, responsible, engaging, motivational, and have an enthusiastic and energetic personality. We also look for candidates that that take the time to understand each child’s academics strengths, weaknesses, and learning style to provide an individualized approach to each child.

Once the family has selected the candidate, we highly recommend that they schedule a trial session so that the individual can meet the children and confirm that it is a good fit.  We also suggest that when appropriate, the manny, nanny or tutor provides a written report on a regular basis to document progress.

We tend to gravitate towards tutors that are immensely
passionate about a child’s personal and educational growth


Dear Jack,

I can’t tell you how pleased we are with Brian. He has systematically organized the children’s school work and extra-curricular activities on a detailed spread sheet. I get a weekly report on the children’s progress and it’s so great to be able to zoom in on small issues that stay small. Like many New York moms, we are juggling home life and work life. He’s a star thank you!
Monica M

Hi Louis,

You have patience that is rare. I know it took almost a month to find the perfect tutor for my children after school. As you know, there is a big age difference with all three children! Billy was able to find common ground for activities that all three kids enjoyed after school. I am forever grateful!
Marinne T
Princeton, New Jersey

Hi drew,

Thank you so much for taking me through the process of hiring a Manny for my young boys. Living in New York, having my accounting practice, and being there for my two boys is a mother’s dream; however, managing the logistics of after school activities and homework is challenging. I am really enjoying working with you and your agency and I am looking forward to the next step in our hiring process.
Susan D

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