JK Domestic Formula

We at JK Domestic Collection look at your family profile And lifestyle before recommending any type of domestic staffing. A housekeeper with a college degree doesn’t necessarily mean they have the skill set to become an excellent housekeeper. We require a minimum of three years consistent employment with the same family as well as excellent references. Our housekeepers manage staff as well as solve problems. Our housekeepers are team players and are very much part of a group of dedicate housekeepers that can tackle a large estate on a daily basis. Whether it’s a seaside residence in Palmbeach or a penthouse apartment in Newyork we are ready for the challenge .

What Makes JK Domestic Unique

Since 1991 our boutique agency has been providing residential staffing in New York Connecute and Florida. We understand how nice people live which translates in hiring the perfect staff to suit your lifestyle. We do not maintain a large database and are extremely selective on who becomes part of our collection. Our retention rate is almost 100 percent!

Why Our Domestics?

JK Domestic Collection provides exceptional domestics for exceptional clients. Our master domestics are paired with our discerning clients to create the perfect match.

Booking a JK Domestic Collection Private Domestic

The process of finding a private JK Domestic has never been easier. Simply fill out the form outlining your requirements and our domestic director will contact you to discuss specifics.

JK Domestic Collection has the ability to pull globally the finest designers and domestic masters to create pure magic.

Our Private Service Professionals


Although most core duties of a Housekeeper will remain the same from home to home. Special care must be given to select a Housekeepers whose skills and specialties are a match for the residence in which they’ll be working. A skilled Housekeeper possesses a knowledge of formal or casual serving, table setting, organizing, and museum-quality care of fine furniture and artwork.

Our Housekeepers also know how to take excellent care of your fine garments, having knowledge of proper laundry methods, managing dry cleaning, even organizing their Principals wardrobe for efficiency and to suit their employers’ tastes.


A modern, professional Butler takes on most, if not all house management duties. A Butler carries an exceptional sense of etiquette although the style of service (formal or casual) is dictated by the preferences and lifestyles of the principals. A Butler’s duties include both hands-on direct service to the principals as well as managerial duties. A Butler uses their knowledge of fine wines to partner with the chef for exquisite wine and food pairings and impeccable dinner service.

A Butler’s house management duties may include supervising and coordinating housekeepers, managing household finances and expense tracking, shopping, and maintaining household inventories.

Valet service is also an important part of a Butler’s role. Maintaining and organizing the wardrobe for the principals, making sure garments are pressed, and precisely coordinated are essential.

Personal & Family Assistants

Personal Assistants and Family Assistants are key to bringing organization and efficiency to busy family lifestyles, shouldering part of the workload or sewing up the small details so that you’re free to focus on the bigger picture. Personal Assistants may be highly specialized in a particular field, acting as a consultant or may be more well-rounded, offering administrative support.

A Personal Assistant’s responsibilities may include calendar management, acting a gate-keeper to protect your time from unnecessary phone calls and emails, running errands, shopping, travel arrangements, bookkeeping and generally being the solid professional you count on to get things done.

Estate Managers

Estate managers have broad authority residential operations. Estate managers, also called, Chiefs-of-Staff when managing several properties domestically or globally, are responsible for property and for staff and are often the single point of contact for the principal.

Estate managers also coordinate all points of private air travel and private yacht excursions. The estate manager creates and maintains household manuals that outline human resource policies and procedures for the staff as well as equipment manuals and maintenance records for the home.

The Estate Manager is the team leader.

House Managers

A House Manager is typically responsible for all of the staff and operations of the residence. Their duties are very similar to those of a butler but may be less focused on formal table service and valet duties. Rather, the role of House Manager tends to be more focused on managing other staff and coordinating and supervising third-party vendors and contractors.

Executive Housekeepers

An Executive Housekeeper’s responsibilities are mostly centered on managing other housekeepers or certain other household staff in some cases. An Executive Housekeeper will usually work on a team with other household staff and coordinates schedules of housekeepers, carries out many of the human resources duties and manages expense reports for housekeeping. An Executive Housekeeper may also coordinate third-party vendors and contractors.

Lady’s Maids

A Lady’s Maid is a female valet who attends to the needs of the lady of the house. A Lady’s Maid duties may include helping with dressing, clothing layout, styling, hair care and makeup as well as comprehensive and meticulous wardrobe organization. A Lady’s Maid does all this while maintaining top to bottom cleanliness of the residence. Other duties often include, shopping, errands, managing the lady of the house’s social calendar and appointments.


A chauffeur is a personal driver with several years of full-time experience driving a principal. They should have photographic knowledge of the city where the family resides, as well as neighboring areas.

They should also possess an excellent knowledge of cars, including the fine particularities of luxury and exotic vehicles and their required maintenance.

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