Creating a Casual Lifestyle in your Kitchen

Are you craving multiple ovens, yards of counter space and all the newest culinary gadgets? Your ideal kitchen may lose its tantalizing charm when you calculate the costs. Extravagant new kitchens come with exorbitant cost-per-square-foot price tags. Fortunately, creating a kitchen that won’t break the budget is straightforward.

Easy to clean, extremely efficient and cost saving—small kitchens are all that and more. Take my suggestion for cutting the kitchen fat while still cooking up a practical, fantastic heart for your wood house. Here’s how you can create a casual lifestyle in your kitchen.

Shop for oval dining tables

Note how the bottoms of the windows in this area are closer to the top of the banquette seat. In this scenario, putting in gorgeous throw cushions helps make the environment warm and elegant.

If you eat-in kitchen table is the typical 30-inch height, your custom built-in seating should be around 20 inches high. Having at least 10 inches of clearance for your legs between the built-in and table is preferable. You’ll want at least 15 to 16 inches of seat depth.

You’ll see how the built-in corner layout works incredibly well with windows on two walls, which generates symmetry and frames the view wonderfully.

Design an Island Extension

For a sleek, streamlined aesthetic, an island extension may be a smart alternative if you have the room for it.

The eating surface might be the same as what you chose for your kitchen counters, or it can be something different or customized to match your cabinet finish.

As indicated earlier, you’ll want at least 36 inches of room around the table to keep a comfortable route and so you can draw a chair in and out without feeling cramped. Allow 24 inches between side-by-side seats (chair center to chair center) to give enough of elbow space for you and your guests.

You can have a table on casters that may be utilized as an island extension or relocated to another place for convenience and utility.

Try Standalone Sofa Seating

If you’re not willing to commit to a built-in, you can create an eat-in experience that’s just as attractive and useful with a freestanding couch setup.

You should situate the couch with its back to a wall. This maintains sight lines intact, providing a welcoming sensation as you move toward the table.

Sofa seats are normally a little lower than a dining chair, so make sure your table is the proper height for you to sit comfortably. With that in mind, consider about going bespoke with the couch so you can decide a reasonable height that will work well with most tables.

When it comes to maintaining fabric, try buying durable performance fabric or spraying a fabric protector into the upholstery for a spill-resistant surface.

Hopefully, this guide will help you.

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