Celebrate an Intimate Dinner with our Three Favorite Roman Heroes

We would like to propose something different for an upcoming dinner celebration. Instead of the usual dinner for two at a crowded restaurant, how about an intimate dinner catered by one of our world-class Private Chef’s.

Our Private Chef’s are experts at creating the perfect meal based on your dietary preferences and restrictions. Don’t hesitate to contact JK Collection to hire your Private Chef today.

Set the mood for this Valentine’s Day by doing a special tablescape— a beautiful tablecloth, elegant china, sparkling stemware, exquisite flatware and don’t forget the bust of Julius Cesar!

The sky is the limit as far as the menu is concerned, but we would like to suggest a wine-dinner where multiple courses paired with the perfect wines. Below is a menu of a five-course wine-dinner that one of our Private Chef’s recently curated with resounding success.