Private chefs have complete control over their kitchens. Occasionally, a sous chef may assist you, but more often than not, the kitchen is entirely yours. Taking care of meal planning, food sourcing, grocery shopping, and catering for the whole family is your opportunity to shine!

Typically, you will cook breakfast, lunch, and supper for all members of the household, including children (packaged lunches may also be included in your duties), as well as all personnel. It’s an excellent profession for someone with a love for cooking and an appetite for experimentation; you’ll often be needed to prepare big dinner parties with an emphasis on impressing.

Occasionally, you may be required to cater events ranging from canape receptions to BBQs and sit-down dinners. However, you must keep in mind that you are not catering to the general public. Frequently, the Principal and their family have unique demands and expectations that should not be overlooked. Given the prestige of the position and the competitive nature of the business, you must be ready to modify your style and approaches as necessary.

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A Typical Day in the Life of a Private Household Cook

Additionally, you’ll be needed to possess some presenting skills. This starts with the food (obviously), but also includes the dining table and, sometimes, the space itself; where you may make judgments about lighting and seating arrangements.

While some personal chefs work full-time for a single customer (a family, for example), others freelance for a variety of clientele. If you have a large number of customers, you may prepare a week’s worth of meals for them to freeze/refrigerate and consume during the week. Planning is critical. The day before the big event, you will need to obtain materials or do some meal prep (such as vegetable preparation or sauce preparation).

The following is a list of daily chores performed by Private Household Cooks.

Purchase or place an order for food, culinary supplies, and equipment.

Prepare vegetables and meats by peeling, washing, trimming, and cooking them, as well as baking breads and pastries.

Kitchens and culinary utensils should be stocked, organized, and cleaned.

Organize and direct the operation of kitchens and other food-related operations, including food presentation and service.

Weekly and monthly responsibilities

The following is a list of weekly or monthly chores performed by Private Household Cooks.

Prepare meals in accordance with the demands and dietary restrictions of your employees.

Prepare meals in private homes according to the recipes or preferences of employers, taking care of all meals for the family and maybe additional domestic employees.

Concentrate on providing upscale fare or cuisine for particular diets.

Develop and experiment with new cuisines.