Mannies assist children with their physical requirements, such as clothing, feeding, and bathing. Mannies are sometimes asked to assist with modest home activities such as kid washing, food preparation, and maintaining the cleanliness of the children’s room and possessions.

When you’re at home, you’ll:

Maintain children’s activity levels by designing interesting and instructional games.

Instill independence in children by teaching them to dress themselves, clean their toys, tie their laces, and tell the time.

Encourage the development of reading, writing, arithmetic, sketching, and singing/musical abilities.

Arrange playdates and social activities for the youngsters.

Organize children’s birthday parties, including invites, venue reservations, and cake baking/ordering.

Assist with the design of cards and handcrafted presents for family birthdays

Reiterate the importance of proper manners/etiquette

Organise outdoor activities and sports that are both safe and enjoyable, such as football, tennis, and swimming.

Arrange museum and theatrical visits that are suitable for the children’s age.

Plan and purchase for baking activities that are suitable for your child’s age.

For Children Who Attend School

Transportation of children to and from the nursery/school

Order school uniforms for your children, ensuring they are completely equipped and the correct size! Create sew-on/iron-on name tags!

Ascertain that youngsters are prepared for the next day by laying out their uniforms/clothing.

By the entrance, have school bags prepared with completed assignments, paperwork, and any necessary sports equipment.

Oversee homework assignments, which may include reading and spelling examinations.

Maintain an up-to-date list of all school emails and alerts.

Establish a trustworthy connection with parents via communication and adherence to confidentiality…

Adhere to the present schedule or, with the approval of the parents, create a reasonable schedule for all daily activities.

Utilize a nanny journal to keep track of the children’s daily activities, including emailing photographs to parents upon request.

Maintain communication with parents on their children’s growth and milestones

Babysit in accordance with the parents’ specifications and as agreed.

Recommend instructive toys and games to parents based on their child’s age.

Collaborate with parents and their preferences about child discipline and home norms

Not to mention the family online or to upload any photographs of the children to any social media network.

The practicalities

Maintain orderly storage of children’s clothes in their wardrobe/chest of drawers and ensure that everything is in excellent shape.

Ascertain that sports gear, particularly muddy footwear, are always available and clean.

Order and label weekend clothing and footwear, or take the children shopping for clothing and footwear.

In the event of clothes loss or outgrowth, order/purchase more articles.

Shop for and prepare for any residential school excursions, clearly labeling any goods that are not uniform.

Purchase or place an order for children’s toiletries.

Make dentist/doctor/hairdresser appointments for the youngsters and accompany them.

Additionally, if you are able to cram more into your day, you may be requested to do errands…

Collect and deliver mail and goods to and from the post office.

Drop-off and pick-up your dry cleaning

Fill up the vehicle as necessary to ensure the tank is full for the weekend.

Purchase additional things to enhance the weekly shop as needed.

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