As a Private Housekeeper, you are required to do all basic cleaning responsibilities, including vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and surface cleaning, as well as maintaining spotless bathrooms and other areas of the house. Additionally, additional responsibilities include caring for home pets and cleaning silverware (sometimes a task for a Butler). Dishwashing and supporting the chef in maintaining excellent hygiene standards in the kitchen. Additionally, you may be asked to do errands, such as going to the dry cleaners and food shopping. Often, the Housekeeper is responsible for organizing laundry and purchasing cleaning supplies on a budget. Occasionally, when special events are held at the property, temporary housekeepers are hired to help.

If you see them in the hotel hallways, they will always welcome you with a smile. When visitors depart, they say a courteous farewell. If a visitor leaves anything behind, have no fear—they will safeguard lost stuff. They will gladly service you.

While some houses employ a dedicated nanny to care for their children, if the children are of school age, the Housekeeper often assists in this sector. Assisting them with their morning attire, ensuring they have breakfast, and overall ensuring they have everything they need.

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Routine in the Morning

A typical day in the life of a live-in Housekeeper include ensuring that the morning goes as well as possible for the home for which they work. There may be remnants from the night before, from supper or night-time cocktails. They will wake the youngsters up on time if daycare is a part of their routine. They will clean and organize the kitchen and breakfast area, cook breakfast for the family, and serve or assist smaller children with their meals. Organizing everyday clothing based on daily activity. Assemble the children by washing, dressing, and preparing them for the day. Additionally, the Housekeeper might pack any baggage, check the daily schedule, and prepare for the next day.

Evening Routine

If the live-in Housekeeper assists with child care, a large portion of the nightly routine will be devoted to this. They would assist with washing, reading to, and putting the youngsters to bed. They may also assist with food preparation for the evening supper, as well as preparing it in the evening. Depending on when the Housekeeper finishes her day’s job, she may also clean the kitchen and dining room after supper. Otherwise, this will be a normal part of their morning.

Additionally, the live-in Housekeeper will ensure that the home is prepared and prepared for the following morning. For instance, organizing clothing for the next day and filling school bags for the youngsters. Alternatively, prepare breakfast meals and prepare the breakfast and kitchen area for the next morning. So that it may begin again the following day!