When one thinks of a governess, one may conjure up images of a woman from mid-Victorian life and literature. To be sure, the governess is still alive and well in the twenty-first century, and more crucially, an increasing number of people are hiring them in their homes. We’ve just had a flurry of phone inquiries inquiring if we have Governesses on our Nanny list, and the answer is emphatically yes. However, before you decide whether or not to hire a Governess, let’s discuss the Governess’s background, the role a Governess performs, and how they may fit into your family.

Typical Governess Duties

If you believe a Governess is the appropriate fit for your family, it’s important to understand the normal tasks of a Governess, since they do differ from those of a Nanny.

A governess assists children with schooling and/or works as a tutor. They do this via regular homework and job supervision.

A governess is responsible for maintaining a clean and orderly environment in which the children work.

A governess ensures that all homework is completed and that the children’s bags are filled with completed lessons.

A governess assists children in getting ready for school or the day, and often consults with instructors if the family has delegated that responsibility to them.

A governess prepares daily lessons and maintains a course schedule.

Certain governesses will make meals and tidy up after the youngsters.

A governess plans educational trips for the children and interacts with them in a playful but instructive manner.

A governess collaborates closely with parents to guarantee the children’s education and development.

Role of A Governess

Governesses are a subgroup of Nannies who are particularly concerned with a child’s scholastic development. They should possess comprehensive educational qualifications and certificates, as well as many years of experience in education and childcare. Some families employ a Governess only once their children reach an age where the Governess specializes in education, while others hire both a Nanny and a Governess, and still others may hire solely a Governess without a Nanny.

For a number of reasons, families engage a governess. For instance, if parents travel often, they may want flexibility without jeopardizing the educational quality of their children. If the family lives in a distant place, a Governess who can give continuous education and/or assistance may be the best choice. Governesses are also often employed to care for home-schooled youngsters. A governess may even be considered a specialist instructor, providing additional teaching in both core academic subjects and extracurricular activities like as French or piano. Because a governess is normally primarily responsible for the education of the children, the household responsibilities are generally regarded secondary.

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